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At long last, the time has come to furnish your interior. You draw inspiration from the many available options and carefully look for the right materials to furnish your home. You may even hire an interior designer who will come up with original ideas and carefully monitor everything for you. However, it is important not to rush things in this final stretch. Renting a building dryer to ensure that your home is perfectly dry, remains the first crucial step! At we cannot

Renting a building dryer

If you think that renting a building dryer is not necessary, you had better think twice. If the substrate or the plasterwork on your walls has not sufficiently dried, the interior of your dreams could well turn into a nightmare. Poor building drying can cause the joinery to warp or the paint or wallpaper to become mouldy or peel off. A great deal of problems can be avoided by hiring professional on-site supervision. Your interior designer will carefully monitor your project. Together with, he will save you from any disastrous consequences of excess moisture the walls and screed. Renting a building dryer is by no means an unnecessary luxury!

Renting a building dryer & interior designers: a successful duo & interior designers: a successful duo

To help you ensure that your building project runs smoothly, works with experienced interior designers. Are you looking for an interior designer who will successfully complete your project with commitment, passion and a professional approach? We can highly recommend some firms!





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The Red Cross had this new storage facility built in order to store blood. The floor here
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Industrial dust extraction
One of the most important ways to quickly and efficiently neutralise construction and refurbishing dust and dirt is good Industrial dust extraction. The Trotec TAC series is your lifesaver!
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Discover all our tips
Discover our tips

Building dryer: low temperatures
It is a myth that building dryers work less efficiently at lower temperatures. What is true is that building dryers thrive, and therefore perform optimally, in warmer environments.
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Discover all our tips
Discover our tips

Laying parquet
Your building project is finally coming to an end. Are you planning to install parquet flooring? Then make sure that the screed has fully dried out.
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Discover all our tips
Discover our tips

Odour control
Are you suffering from air pollution in your home or business? Ozone generators allow odour components and other air pollutants to be efficiently decomposed at molecular level.
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Discover all our tips
Discover our tips

Types of building dryers
In principle, there are two types of dryers on the market: condensation dryers and adsorption dryers. For drying out buildings we always use condensation dryers.
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