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Odour control with ozone generators

Are you suffering from air pollution in your home or business? Ozone generators allow odour components and other air pollutants to be efficiently decomposed at molecular level. This makes ozone cleaners an effective means of odour control. Odour control with ozone generators is used both in homes and in industry.


Applications of odour control with ozone generators

Odour nuisance can have many sources. Just think of moisture problems due to water damage and mould, which are accompanied by an unpleasant odour, or the smoke smell after a fire, or persistent tobacco smells. That's where odour control with ozone generators comes in handy! Odour control with ozone generators is applied to make industrial areas smoke- and odour-free, after fire and soot damage, to eliminate odour nuisance in waste containers and storage facilities, and to disinfect the air. Intensive oxidation also removes bacteria, viruses and mould spores. Our ozone devices can also be used to extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables, and to control mould growth.


The use of ozone generators for odour control

Odour control with ozone generators is one of the most effective ways to permanently remove penetrating odours. Industrial ozone cleaners produce large amounts of ozone and introduce it into the polluted space to quickly neutralise smells and odours. Odours are decomposed at molecular level or oxidised. This will permanently eliminate unpleasant odours and makes odour control with ozone generators also efficient for porous materials such as curtains or coverings. Air pollution is transformed into odourless carbon dioxide and ozone reduced to oxygen. The powerful oxidation neutralises odour components and smoke smell.


Efficient odour control with ozone generators

Ozone is a powerful and efficient odour neutraliser. Their powerful odour neutralisation and air sterilisation make ozone cleaners suitable for use wherever odours need to be removed. Odour nuisance can therefore be effectively eliminated by intensive ozone treatment. Are you a landlord and has your tenant turned your house or apartment into a pigsty? Then you can also rely on ozone equipment to get your property clean for the next tenant! We can offer you several devices for odour control with ozone generators. Feel free to contact Buildingdryers.be for more information. You can count on our professional ozone generators to make your indoor climate completely odour-free again in no time!

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  • Thank you for your punctuality in the delivery of the construction dryer, and for Jelle’s friendly explanation.
    Patricia Van Mollem (Denderleeuw, Oost-Vlaanderen)
  • I’m very happy about the deliveries, as well as about the appliances. Whenever possible, I will certainly recommend your firm to my friends and acquaintances.
    Axel Van Tendeloo (Vorselaar, Antwerpen)
  • We are 200% happy about the construction dryer DF800 that we used in our building. Poured the screed in early May and 6 weeks later we had our cork (yes, yes, cork!) placed!!
    Danny and Katrien Darche-Bensch (Molenstede, Diest, Limburg)
  • If possible, could you pick up the two DF 200’s on Monday 27 August (preferably in the morning)? We’ve had them for one month now. The result is without a doubt exceptional! We should have done this much sooner…!
    Björn Colpaert (Handzame, West-Vlaanderen)
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