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Insulating crawl spaces

Insulation is on the lips of everyone involved in building or renovation projects. Insulation is not only an obligation, but also a necessity for energy efficient building. Insulating a regular ceiling normally does not pose any problems, but often one also wants to insulate the ceiling of the crawl space. Here, moisture problems can be encountered because the crawl space is a damp area.

Why use building dryers for insulating a crawl space?

The ceiling of the crawl space is usually insulated with sprayed PUR foam. In most cases, however, this is an extremely humid space where condensation is very likely to occur. This can be recognised by the presence of water droplets on the ceiling. The insulation contractor will therefore not be able to spray insulation onto this surface. At buildingdryers.be you are at the right address to make this condensation disappear. We use building dryers to bring down the overall humidity so that the condensation disappears and insulation can be sprayed onto the ceiling of the crawl space. Are you afraid that the building dryers will not fit into your crawl space? No problem! We carry a wide array of building dryers and will select the appropriate equipment for your crawl space.

Building dryers to insulate your crawl space

It is important to use the right equipment to remove condensation on the ceiling of the crawl space. Buildingdryers.be will help you with this in the most efficient way. All crawl spaces differ in height and layout, so we will determine the set-up that is best suited to your crawl space. In most cases we combine building dryers with fans that are equipped with air transport hoses. In this way, efficient dry air circulation is achieved throughout the crawl space. Do you want to insulate your crawl space in the middle of winter? No problem! However, we will then have to install additional electric heating in the crawl space to ensure optimal drying.

Insulating your crawl space with Building Dryer

You want to insulate your crawl space, but there is condensation on the ceiling? Then make sure to contact buildingdryers.be. We have the equipment you need, also for spaces that are limited in height. For a customised quote or any questions you can always reach us via the contact form or at 0476/20.41.56.

Insulating your crawl space with Building Dryer.
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  • Thank you for your punctuality in the delivery of the construction dryer, and for Jelle’s friendly explanation.
    Patricia Van Mollem (Denderleeuw, Oost-Vlaanderen)
  • I’m very happy about the deliveries, as well as about the appliances. Whenever possible, I will certainly recommend your firm to my friends and acquaintances.
    Axel Van Tendeloo (Vorselaar, Antwerpen)
  • We are 200% happy about the construction dryer DF800 that we used in our building. Poured the screed in early May and 6 weeks later we had our cork (yes, yes, cork!) placed!!
    Danny and Katrien Darche-Bensch (Molenstede, Diest, Limburg)
  • If possible, could you pick up the two DF 200’s on Monday 27 August (preferably in the morning)? We’ve had them for one month now. The result is without a doubt exceptional! We should have done this much sooner…!
    Björn Colpaert (Handzame, West-Vlaanderen)
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